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Official Places To Find Capital Management Services, LP Online

Capital Management Services, LP, a nationally licensed professional collection agency providing top-tier recovery and project solutions for clients across the financial industry, is excited to share a list of all reputable and trustworthy directories and online profiles CMS has verified. 

“Capital Management Services has spent many years ensuring that verified references to our organization online are truthful, trustworthy, and transparent,” Larry Costa, President of Capital Management Services, says. “We value and maintain the reputation we have established as a proven leader and performer across the industry due to our attention to detail. This master list we’ve put together represents our commitment to consumers, clients, and all of those looking to partner with CMS on their next project.”

Mission-Ready Website

CMS is proud to have a fully-responsive and ADA-compliant website available for consumers and clients. Designed with our mission statement in mind, our website represents our need to exceed industry standards for quality and compliance by delivering a forward-thinking, innovation-driven website that contains all of our vital information. Consumers can make a payment with our online payment portal, or discover helpful financial literacy information, while our clients can learn more about CMS’ industry-leading recovery solutions

To learn more about Capital Management Services and our commitment to compliance, consumers, and our clients, visit our “About” page and read through our FAQ. For current contact information, visit our “Contact” page. To stay up-to-date on the latest CMS news, check out our “News” page

Industry-Leading Quality and Compliance

CMS’ ongoing commitment to the highest standards of quality and compliance has been a major building block of our success. CMS is a member of ACA International, the largest trade organization for the receivables industry. ACA’s extensive industry events, policy updates, and educational resources guide our processes and staff development. We have achieved SOC II Type 2 certification and are PCI-DSS compliant, demonstrating our adherence to strong standards of data privacy and security.

In addition, CMS has worked closely with various industry organizations to provide further background into who we are and what we do. Our President, Mr. Costa, has appeared on Receivables Roundtable, a podcast that discusses topics, trends, and emerging issues that are important today in the receivables industry. Mr. Costa has an extensive author profile on Receivables Info, a receivables management-focused news organization. Capital Management Services has also been featured in a case study outlining how our partner Branding Arc, a full-service digital marketing agency, developed and designed our online presence with consumers and clients in mind. 

Career Building

Capital Management Services rewards exceptional performance. As we work to provide industry-leading services and consumer support, CMS has worked closely with Glassdoor and Indeed to provide transparent and honest reviews, information, and benefits updates for those looking to join our team. 

Our website’s “Careers” page is the best place to discover our latest openings, opportunities, and benefits information. Here, you can also quickly apply to all openings on the CMS team and visit Gritseed to find detailed job postings for any open positions we are looking to fill with new, exceptional talent. 

Connect On Social Media

CMS maintains many active social media accounts. You can find Capital Management Services on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Our team uses Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with those looking for more information about our organization and to share the latest updates about our work in the community, or even to share articles CMS has sponsored to help consumers with their financial education

Our YouTube channel provides consumers and clients with quick, easy-to-digest snippets about who we are and how consumers can make payments with CMS. Be sure to hit the small bell icon and subscribe to our channel to receive notifications about the latest CMS videos. 

Business Directories

To ensure searches for Capital Management Services remain verifiable and relevant, the CMS team has confirmed our operating hours, website, and much more on many online business directories. You can find Capital Management Services on Bloomberg, Brownbook.net, Angi, Apollo.io, Open Corporates, Cortera, Zoominfo, Crunchbase, and Manta. In addition, we worked with Receivables Info to put together a detailed company profile for readers to access. 

Whether you have come across Capital Management Services while searching for a new career, looking for your next partner for receivables solutions, ensuring the legitimacy of our business, or are looking to resolve your outstanding account, the CMS team has worked diligently to update these online profiles. When searching for Capital Management Services, look for our recognized logo or, if you are unsure, reach out to a customer care representative, we are always happy to help. 

About Capital Management Services

Capital Management Services, LP is a nationally licensed collection agency headquartered in Buffalo, NY that provides the highest quality of proven recovery and project solutions across the financial industry. We maintain our reputation as a proven leader and performer through our attention to detail and tailoring our strategies to meet the unique needs of each portfolio or project. We are proud of our ability to consistently surpass all industry standards for quality and provide outstanding services that add strategic value to every client partnership.