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Capital Management Services provides customized solutions for bottom-line results and customer service excellence.

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Professional Debt Collection Services

Each unique creditor has specific recovery, customer service, and special project needs. Capital Management Services (CMS) creates customized solutions for clients to generate bottom-line financial results. Our team has decades of experience in developing and implementing nimble solutions to grow revenue while maintaining steadfast focus on compliance, client operational guidelines, and positive consumer experiences.

First Party

Third Party

Customer Service

Special Projects

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First Party Collection Services

Our first party collection services help keep your revenue flowing without diverting your internal resources to additional overhead and expense involved in maintaining time-consuming accounts receivables tasks. Our team is thoroughly trained and well-versed in the rules and regulations regarding the collection of debt, making us an ideal partner for creditors who want to ensure diligent brand protection and quality customer service throughout the account management processes. We are mindful and respectful of our clients’ professional reputations and work to uphold and maintain them in every interaction. Our team acts as an extension of your brand to provide effective BPO customer services and prevent or remediate delinquencies.

Our professional approach combined with our strong technology infrastructure creates measurable value for your performing or delinquent accounts. We facilitate recovery in all delinquency stages, seamlessly connecting to your platform for effective data management. We can increase efficiency and compliance by servicing your accounts on your proprietary systems or integrating with existing platforms. Our secure, state-of-the-art, and proven approach supports and represents your business with professionalism while creating a more predictable cash flow from even your more unpredictable receivables.

Third Party Recovery Solutions

Regional and national creditors rely on Capital Management Services to recover outstanding balances with compliance and professionalism. Debt collection is an ongoing function for every business and losing money over non-payment can negatively impact your ability to meet operating expenses and overhead costs. CMS has the extensive experience and depth of understanding to compliantly and effectively recover funds on your behalf throughout all stages of delinquency. 

We have a deep understanding of the highly-regulated debt collection industry and provide thorough and ongoing training to our teams to ensure that our services are in compliance with continually changing state and federal regulations and client contract parameters. Stay focused on your core business and let our team be your outsourced solution for increasing efficiency, maximizing revenue and creating the optimal customer experience.

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Customer Service

Our call center is equipped to handle inbound and outbound BPO teleservice needs including overflow customer service, payment processing, fraud processing, general account management and record maintenance, answering questions, and more. Our professional team is extensively trained to deliver service excellence and attentive compliance with client operational guidelines while representing client brands with quality and professionalism. We are equipped to scale to both ad hoc and ongoing needs of our clients by adjusting the level and scope of services necessary to handle immediate overflow and long-term customer service needs.

CMS understands that our clients’ reputations rely on positive services and experiences. Positive relationships are built through the transparency that comes from operating with high standards of integrity. We approach customer service with a respectful and courteous manner to provide the best possible experience for customers. When it’s time to outsource your call center needs, you can rely on us to deliver top-notch services that boost your profitability.

Special Projects

Capital Management Services provides bespoke project solutions that meet the specific needs of each unique business. We maintain the scalability and resource capacity to assist regional and national organizations with their custom projects. Our team has extensive experience in assisting large national creditors with long-term and short-term projects conducive to more successful systems conversions, sales, acquisitions, temporary servicing needs, and more. By leveraging the combination of our best-in-class processes and highly-skilled team, we help mitigate losses that are inherent with any project. We have the decades of experience and attention to detail necessary for successfully implementing and managing the custom projects our clients need to build and maintain a competitive edge.

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Let us create a custom solution for your business that increases compliance and profitability.