Convenient Options for Digital Consumer Communication

Expanded communication options enhance the consumer experience

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Omnichannel Communication

By partnering with Capital Management Services (CMS), clients receive the benefits of our cutting-edge digital communication channels. Omnichannel communication builds customer satisfaction and drives increased revenue. Our forward-thinking technology gives consumers convenient access to account information, answers to questions, and even the ability to make payment arrangements—all through self-service options for customers who prefer to handle their accounts independently. Live support channels are also available through phone, text, or email, and our representatives stand by ready to assist during business hours.

Online Access

Our mobile-friendly, modern website allows consumers to log in to their account from any device. We encourage consumers to register their account on all dunning and settlement letter campaigns and obtain necessary consent during online account registration. We provide consumers self-service administrative control over their accounts with online access to update demographic data, request validation of debt, dispute an account, schedule a call, or request communication through email/text.


CMS utilizes Interactive Voice Response technology for telephonic support of common, straightforward consumer requests, allowing our live agents to prioritize calls and deliver attentive service for calls requiring live support. Elimination of live agent interaction improves accuracy and reduces risk. Our technology system allows consumers to receive or provide the following information without agent interaction: account information, payment plan options, settlement options, disputes, do not call requests, bankruptcy and/or attorney information, and requests for verification of debt.

Email & Text

We offer consumers the option to communicate with Capital Management Services through email or text as their preferred method of communication. Following consumer consent, letter campaigns and unique letter delivery can alternatively be provided via email for digital communication only, increasing compliance and privacy, reducing turnaround time, and eliminating expenses associated with traditional mailings. Consumers can additionally choose to opt-in for text message communications regarding upcoming payment reminders, late payment notifications, and/or settlement opportunities.

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