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Financial Education

Consumers need a basic understanding of key financial concepts and skills to achieve financial wellness, but these are not always taught in our schools or homes. Five core financial competencies of personal finance include: earning, saving & investing, spending, borrowing, and protecting. CMS provides this directory of free online resources to help consumers grow in these core competencies. In these resources you will find valuable information on managing and growing your finances as well as tools that can help in developing positive money habits for a bright financial future.

Practical Money Skills

A free online resource provided by Visa, Practical Money Skills offers interactive tools and educational resources to help build stronger financial futures. This award-winning program was developed in partnership with state and national governments, leading consumer advocates, educators, and financial institutions. Learning resources include articles, lesson plans, budgeting tools, quizzes, games, and more.

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Know My Debt

Created by ACA International, The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, Know My Debt is a resource for consumers to find answers to frequently asked questions about understanding and navigating debt, consumer rights, and personal money management. This is an excellent resource for consumers experiencing or recovering from past-due debt and seeking to move forward with clarity and success. is a free national financial education website that was created by the Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission. Featured resources include the “My Money Five,” a straightforward guide highlighting action-oriented ways to improve finances, and a collection of free tools such as interactive budget worksheets and calculators. The “Life Events” page provides resources, guidance, and tips for financially navigating common life challenges including home ownership, a new baby, marriage, death of a family member, retirement, owning a business, and more.

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Money Chat

Money Chat is a financial literacy article series created by Receivables Info. CMS is proud to be a contributing sponsor of the Money Chat series, which was created to help consumers take control of their financial education and empowerment by increasing their core understanding of key financial principles regarding credit and debt. Sponsored by industry-leading financial services institutions, Money Chat focuses on financial literacy topics like different types of loans, how to manage credit scores, how interest rates work, and much more.

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