Capital Management Services Delivers Measurable Results

Accelerate collection efforts and increase compliance

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Product Expertise

Capital Management Services (CMS) develops competitive strategies that drive measurable results for our clients. By maintaining a balance of performance and compliance, we are able to accelerate collection efforts to deliver unparalleled services and results. We have the flexibility, scalability, and capability to meet the specific demands of your receivables portfolios. Our team surpasses industry standards for quality to provide recovery services that give our clients a rapid return on investment.

Credit Cards & Installment Loans

We provide effective debt recovery and call center services for credit card issuers, banks, and other lending service providers. As your outsourced call center and debt recovery solution, Capital Management Services can handle large-volume inbound account applications and activations, inbound customer service and pre charge-off collections, customer correspondence, complaint management, charged-off accounts, and more. Our call center professionals receive extensive training in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and all other pertinent rules and regulations that govern the credit and collections industries to ensure compliance and the best possible customer experience. Our systems and processes accelerate the payment process and create revenue for our clients. CMS efficiently manages the challenges that lenders face during the recovery of past-due credit accounts and our customized strategic plans provide increased capacity for your business while improving your recovery rates.

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Mortgage and Home Equity Lines of Credit

Mortgage and HELOC portfolios are very unique. They not only require complex documentation but also compliance with the intricate regulations that govern the industry. Our customized mortgage and HELOC recovery strategies are specifically designed to exceed stringent legal requirements while protecting your business and your brand. Our team is proficient in the special features of mortgages and their associated processes. We can handle your consumers’ questions about interest rates, balloon payments, insurance premiums, and the removal of PMI. Our team has the knowledge and skill to handle consumer needs with ease, and we offer 24/7 after hours customer service. Through maintaining the highest levels of compliance and customer satisfaction, we outperform our competitors and achieve maximum recovery results.

Health Care and Insurance

Capital Management Services is trusted by some of the nation’s largest health care institutions and insurance companies to handle their customer service and accounts receivable. We understand that these accounts require an especially compassionate approach by a team that understands the unique privacy and compliance demands. Our team has the expertise and professionalism to manage and recover medical accounts with a respectful approach and a strict adherence to privacy rules and regulations. By leveraging our technology and call center services, our health care partner retained over 60% of their client base after a significant Medicare rate increase, proving the professionalism and exceptional communication skills of our team. Our full cycle revenue management strategies include inbound and outbound customer service, overflow customer service during high volume call periods, assistance with retaining client base, membership retention, and early stage collections. Whether you need one-time support with customer service or a long-term partnership for the recovery of your receivables, our team can customize a scalable solution that meets the unique demands of your business and creates cash flow.

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Capital Management Services is experienced in the collection of secured automotive loans, account deficiencies and deficiency judgments following creditor repossessions. We assist a variety of automotive loan lenders in the recovery of delinquent automotive purchase and lease accounts. We also service secondary creditor portfolios of deficiency balances. Our team is skilled in explaining associated paperwork and proceedings to help address any questions consumers may have about their account balances. We employ patience and persistence to achieve account recovery so our clients can focus on their core business. Our effective results help our clients add value back to their bottom lines. 

We have the experience and expertise to drive results for your business.