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Capital Management Services Honors Tops Market Shooting Victims With Company Food Drive

Capital Management Services, LP, a long-time community-focused organization based in Buffalo, NY, was heartbroken after the events of the Tops Market shooting on May 14. CMS has rooted our organization in providing opportunities for our community through various charitable organizations and events. 

To honor those who lost their lives during the event, CMS held a company-wide food drive for the victim’s families. In addition, Capital Management Services President, Larry Costa, and CEO, Rachael Small, each made a donation to FeedMore Western New York, a food bank that has been helping the victim’s families as well. 

“The Tops Market shooting hit home for the CMS team. This happened right in our backyard and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to help heal our community than by honoring the families of those who were lost in this tragic event. We hope our donations, along with our company food drive, could at least ease a small part of the burden these families now share,” Mr. Costa says. 

A Food Drive and A Donation

FeedMore WNY is the merger of Buffalo’s two most impactful charitable organizations—the Food Bank of WNY and Meals on Wheels for Western New York. This combined organization does so much good work for the community around Buffalo and impacts thousands of lives daily. Larry Costa and Rachael Small could not be more proud to make direct donations to this incredible organization. 

“FeedMore WNY’s mission of offering dignity, hope, and a brighter future by providing nutritious food, friendship, and skills training to its Western New York neighbors in need mirrors the community involvement goals CMS has had from the start of our organization. Their food bank distribution center and partner hunger-relief agencies, as well as our home-delivered meal program and other targeted feeding programs, alleviate hunger and assist community members of all ages. I am glad there are organizations like FeedMore to donate to in times of need,” Mrs. Small said. 

To further help, Capital Management Services organized a company-wide food drive to be donated directly to the victims families. The many employees of CMS that were impacted by this tragic shooting came together to donate food of all kinds. Countless jars, snacks, meals, and more were donated by the end of the drive. 

Community-Focused Culture

Capital Management Services is rooted in our community. Our mission—To exceed industry standards for quality and compliance by delivering forward-thinking, innovation-driven recovery and special project solutions that generate revenue and build capacity for our clients while never wavering from our commitment to delivering the best possible experience for consumers—was built upon the realization that CMS shouldn’t act independently of our employees or community but rather within their goals and needs. 

Capital Management Services and our team were heartbroken after the events of the Tops Market shooting but hope these two donations and the larger company-wide food drive can help alleviate some small burden the victim’s families now hold. To donate to FeedMore WNY, please visit their website

About FeedMore WNY

FeedMore WNY believes that to solve hunger, we must acknowledge that the struggle against hunger, poverty, injustice, and hopelessness are one and the same. We envision a future in which all are treated with dignity, food access and equity are recognized as human rights, and every person is empowered to have hope and thrive. FeedMore WNY’s mission is to offer dignity, hope and a brighter future by providing nutritious food, friendship and skills training to our Western New York neighbors in need.

About Capital Management Services, LP

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